Shopping locally isn’t just about convenience, it’s about livelihood, community, and prosperity. Learn how shopping local in Newmarket is changing lives, including yours.

Purchases Help Your Neighbours

When you shop local, you’re doing more than investing in the local economy – you’re supporting small business owners, local entrepreneurs, and their families.

Local Shops Can Be More Sustainable

When small businesses work together, there can be opportunities to cut down on packaging, overall waste, and travel emissions.

Customer Experience Is the Priority

Small business owners usually have fewer customers. Therefore, every person who comes into the store becomes their top priority.

Fresher Products and Produce Are Available

By shopping local, you get to enjoy eating fresher produce while supporting multiple small businesses, including local farmers.

You Can Put a Face to the Brand

By connecting with your community and the owners of the markets and shops you visit, you’ll develop an intimate, more personalized connection with creators and artisans.

Start Shopping Locally

By spending money within a small community, you become the backbone of its growth, progress, and success. With your support, Newmarket and its people can continue to connect, innovate, and curate.

“Small and medium-sized businesses make up over 99% of the Canadian economy, employing more than 10 million people!”

– Statistics Canada

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